As part of service portfolio, we offer to our customers consulting, studies and analysis of IT/IS, trainings and workshops, business continuity management, system integration, implementation, realization and technical support services.

We want to be a strong and reliable partner to our customers – a partner that, thanks to its potential and scale of services, is able to fulfill any requirements. Our objective is to cover the whole solution life cycle in a comprehensive manner – from technical analysis of the current status, the design, planning, expert consultation, through the implementation of the technologies and processes, to the technical support and flexible incident handling.

We can provide you with comprehensive services based on our offer, but also separately, both on a one-time basis and regularly, depending on your requirements and needs. We perform the services via our own certified personnel that undergoes regular training to be able to work with the latest technologies and help you with the operation of the whole company IT infrastructure.

We are ready to provide you

studies and analysis

We will prepare the necessary analysis and studies for you with regard to important strategic decisions in IT industry.

integration services

Services include analysis of the current IT environment, design of integration elements and their implementation, supply of the necessary SW and HW equipment.


We provide standard and extra technical servicing to implemented solutions, and if required, also continuous surveillance over the operation of IT systems.

and workshops

We will help you to increase technical and operational skills of your employees.

Implementation and realization

As part of implementation and realization projects, we supply extensive infrastructure for the operation of the company-wide applications in large and medium-sized enterprises. The infrastructure includes stable high-performance servers, tested data repositories, reliable network elements and secure and user-friendly environment of client stations. As part of the projects, we also install software for central management and surveillance of system operation. The projects also include provision of support during the operation of implemented solution, provision of warranty and post-warranty servicing.

IT continuity management

We have years of experience with the creation and implementation of plans of IT continuity (business continuity management and disaster recovery planning), thanks to which companies can efficiently handle unpredictable situations – from natural disasters (fires, floods), to intentional system damage (hacking).  We can offer you support in preparation of BCM plans in full extent or in the realization of individual planning stages:


  • Risk analysis and assessment and the impact of the risks on business,
  • Defining measures for elimination of crisis situations,
  • Defining renewal tools and procedures for possible crisis situation occurrence,
  • Implementation of measures into the current IT infrastructure,
  • Testing of adopted measures,
  • Training of employees.

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