Camera surveillance system

We provide professional designs and installations of camera surveillance systems for protection of property, both outside and inside buildings. We will design you the most effective and economical option to fit your needs.  And you will always know what is going on in your premises.

The purpose of camera systems is to increase the level of object and facility security through continuous monitoring and movement detection.  There are ample possibilities for their use – from direct monitoring of points of interest (public areas, roads, parking lots, building interior areas, industrial facilities, sports facilities, technological and production processes and other areas with possible occurrence of undesirable phenomena), through storage and archiving of video recordings, to detection and analysis using integrated detection tools.

In addition to simple camera systems, we also provide intelligent camera systems that can detect events in camera videos and in data from sensors. These systems are able to create meaningful information from the data, trigger alarms and feed images to the security personnel from those cameras that are relevant in the given situation. Moreover, you will be able to easily monitor your premises online via a computer, tablet or telephone.

Main advantages

Property security
and personal safety

Camera systems will increase personal safety and help you with your property security  against theft or damage.


You can watch the recorded video simply via online feed on your computer, tablet or mobile phone.


You will obtain video camera recordings that can be archived, depending on your needs and the applicable legislation.

Basic characteristics of camera systems:

  • Camera systems based on IP technology,
  • Implementation in various hardware, depending on your requirements,
  • Analysis of images/video, metadata and sophisticated detection
  • User-friendly interface of applications for monitoring, recording, and assessment of images/video
  • Integration with electronic security systems and entry management systems,
  • Integration with other perimeter protection systems (e.g. radar systems)

The comprehensive solution with intelligent camera system also includes software application for digital processing of images/videos, sound recordings, and data, suitable for the continuous management of transmission of digital video feed via any computer network of your choice. The software can provide live feed and save and archive the video. You can search in saved video recordings and play them based on various criteria, such as time, date, location, alarm or movement.  Therefore, it is a perfect solution for both corporate and public sector.

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