Software application development

Are you dissatisfied with currently available software products because they do not cover all your specific needs?  Are you looking for software that will adapt to your corporate processes and its users and not vice versa? Our objective is to create a software solution for you that will cover all your needs with its functionality.

We focus on the development and supply of software and applications for corporate processes management and optimization. We primarily concentrate on the development of ERP systems. ERP system from us will enable you to interconnect individual departments within your company better, which will improve the sharing of information between departments.

It includes tools for managing the relationship with customers that make it possible to record the whole sales process from the initial contact to the billing, stock management modules, asset management, production planning, accounting, etc. Besides the standard ERP modules, we also offer you the possibility to adjust the system exactly to the needs and requirements of your company. We always see to it that every application is functional to the maximum extent and user-friendly.

Main advantages

in one

The ERP software solution combines corporate processes, information, and people into one functional environment. It helps in archiving, sharing and protecting key corporate data.

and increase in productivity

Interconnected corporate processes make the operation of the company easier and result in higher labor efficiency of employees, thereby increasing the overall performance of the company.

Maximum functionality
and user-friendly character

Quality tools – satisfied people. Thanks to their functionality and maximum user-friendliness, you will enjoy the comfort and efficiency of working with our applications.

Comprehensive information support for decision-making

Management and decision-making by the company managers will always be based on current information and comprehensive overviews.

Stages of the development process

You will become a member of our development team from the very beginning. You can ask us about anything and we will always be happy to explain it to you. You have access to finished parts of applications; you can test them and, as a result, influence the development of your system or application so that in the end the result fits your requirements and needs as much as possible.

  1. Thorough needs analysis, learning about your ideas, preparation of technical specification,
  2. Design of the overall architecture of the information system,
  3. Development, testing, implementation and integration of the system, user training,
  4. Technical support, system adaptation to the changed conditions,
  5. Consulting and advisory services.

Naturally, the financial aspect is important when decisions are made on purchasing software or applications. Besides the standard form of sale – in the form of a license, we also offer you the possibility to purchase software as a service (payments for monthly service support) with installation directly at your company or installation into a cloud, completely without any concerns regarding the system administration.

In case of interest
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