Document management

No more chaos in the documents. We will supply you with an optimal set-up system for the administration of corporate documents that will make your work life easier and eliminate problems in your company with a lack of clarity or long search for specific documents. And you can spend the time it saves in a more efficient manner.

We offer you a comprehensive document management solution (DMS) that can provide for all activities related to the life cycle of corporate documents – from their origin (creation or delivery), through processing, approval, up to their archiving in digital form. The system efficiently creates and processes the digital archive which maintains the link between digitalized original documents and their digital copies.

In addition to simpler archiving and a better arrangement of corporate documents, the optimized administration of corporate documents will bring you several other advantages, primarily reduction of operating costs, increased work productivity, saved time with respect to document search, controlled circulation of documents and their security. It will significantly speed up the processing, circulation, and approval of your documents.

Main advantages

of company information

Company information and documents are archived in a well-arranged manner at one location.

accessibility of documents

You can access the documents any time, including the possible concurrent use of a document by several employees at the same time.

in labor productivity

The saving of time that would otherwise be spent on searching for documents results in increased labor productivity of your employees.

circulation of documents

An elaborate system of users, roles and groups with various levels of authorization for reading or editing will provide for controlled circulation of documents and their security.

The document management system offers:

  • electronic archive, digitalization of documentation,
  • full-text search, search based on several parameters,
  • system of users, roles and groups with various levels of authorization for reading or editing,
  • possibility to monitor the approval process (e.g. in the case of accounting documents),
  • distribution of roles and status tracking,
  • possibility of integration with another solution (e.g. ERP applications),
  • simple access via internet connection.

What can you monitor in the module?

  • Incoming and outgoing mail
  • Incoming invoices
  • Minutes of management meetings
  • Minutes of business meetings
  • Customer contracts and business contracts
  • Public procurement contracts
  • Projects
  • Internal policies
  • Contacts
  • E-mail boxes
  • Complaints


A complete document management solution contains all the mentioned modules. The final solution is always put together from modules selected based on individual needs of the customer.

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