18+ years of experience

We have been on the Slovak market for 18+ years and we help our customers to protect their information assets. As part of our portfolio, we provide IT solutions and comprehensive object security.

Our activities include the building data repositories, data security, data back-up and archiving, company information life-cycle solutions, image assessment, sound and data information and also solutions regarding the security of objects and persons. Our objective is to guarantee optimum, comprehensive and functional solutions including the analysis, implementation, training, technical support, and development. We always provide our customers such solutions that will enable them to make use of modern technology in the best possible manner, to their benefit. We strive to be a reliable and stable partner to our customers; therefore, we place great emphasis on customer satisfaction. The established and tested quality management system in compliance with STN EN ISO 9001:2015 standard that is applied to all company processes helps us to fulfill this obligation and it is a guarantee of provision of highly professional services to our customers.

Why us?

years on the market

For 18+ years, we have been a reliable partner and provider of IT security and building security services within the Slovak market. We have experience from various types of projects in various domains, for both  public and private sector.

Professional services

We approach each client and each project individually, responsibly and in a highly professional manner. We place emphasis on comprehensive and functional nature of the solutions, and flexibility, responsiveness and high quality of the provided services.

Professional team

People from our team are our biggest asset. Thanks to their continuous training and years of experience with implementation of modern IT solutions, we can offer our clients services that satisfy their requirements to the maximum extent.

Technological base

We have cooperated with strong and reliable technological partners – the biggest players on the world market – on a long term basis. With the high-quality progressive technologies of our partners, we are able to carry out demanding projects as well.

Selected references

Our satisfied customers include primarily banks, insurance companies, telecommunications, and power supply companies, industrial plants, state administration authorities, and municipal authorities. With our potential and extent of our product portfolio, we are able to fulfill the requirements of very discerning clients.


Orange Slovensko, a. s.
Slovak Telekom, a. s.
GTS Slovakia, s. r. o.

Public administration

Ministerstvo vnútra Slovenskej republiky
Mesto Zvolen
Mesto Senec

Industry and services

OlyBet Slovakia, s. r. o.
Letisko M. R. Štefánika, a. s.
Letisko Poprad-Tatry, a. s.
Stredoslovenská energetika, a. s.
Volkswagen Slovakia, a. s.
Decodom, spol. s r. o.
Traco Systems, a. s.
KONŠTRUKTA – Defence, a. s.
ITSolutions SK, spol. s r. o.
Falck Emergency, a.s.
Vychodoslovenská energetika, a.s.


Tatra banka, a.s.
Erste Group IT International, s. r. o.
Allianz – Slovenská poisťovňa, a. s.
CitibankEurope, plc.
Slovenská sporiteľňa, a. s.
FirstData Slovakia, s. r. o.
Cetelem Slovensko, a. s.
Istrobanka, a. s.
DanubePay, a. s.

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