Image analysis

We will change your passive surveillance equipment to a pro-active security solution. We will add artificial intelligence to your camera system in the form of software for intelligent analysis of images, which is able to detect events in the camera image and create meaningful information from the data.

In the domain of security, we offer you a wide range of video-analysis tools (Security Intelligence) that will increase your security and protection level and enable you to respond flexibly to potentially dangerous objects. The video stream from an IP camera is the input for the image analysis. Intelligent image analysis in camera recordings identifies people, vehicles or other objects and assesses their behavior. It can detect unusual presence of the objects at the monitored location, monitor their speed and direction, monitor entry of persons or vehicles into areas under surveillance, detect added or removed objects, etc.

The system is able to create meaningful information from the recorded data, trigger alarms and feed images to the security personnel from those cameras that are relevant in the given situation. The attention of a person watching a monitor starts to gradually drop after 20 minutes. The advantage of the intelligent image analysis is the ability to assess the required event more reliably and faster than an operator that watches the live feed on the monitor. In addition to the safety and security, image analysis is a useful tool also for sales and marketing of retail shops (Retail Intelligence) and in traffic (Traffic Intelligence).

Main advantages

automation level

An intelligent system automatically, continuously, in real time or in off-line regime, analyses the recorded images and in case a potential threat is detected, it notifies the operator.

Lower costs,
higher reliability

Analytical tools reduce the costs associated with the operation of camera systems, decrease the workload of security operators, categorize reported events in a more precise manner and help in eliminating human errors.


Image analysis can be used directly on online video recorded in real time and also for camera recordings. Individual analysis functions can be applied at the same time in the same moment or combined arbitrarily, as needed.


The image-analysis software can be connected to almost any IP camera on the market.

Retail Intelligence

Automatic image detection is a strong and useful tool also for the analysis of sales and marketing activities of a retail shop and the business decision-making support. The intelligent analytical tools make it possible to:


  • Obtain information about the total number of customers, its development over time, time the customers spend in the shop and the customer structure with respect to the gender and age,
  • Visualize the movement of customers over sales areas – identify the hot-spots (the most frequently visited areas and shelves), but also dead zones in the sales space,
  • Optimize the placement of strategic products,
  • Optimize the personnel with respect to both time and space,
  • Study the interactions of customers with campaign elements and measure the success rate of marketing campaigns.

Traffic Intelligence

In the domain of traffic, image analysis offers the following possibilities as to its use:


  • Detection of the parking place occupancy rate,
  • Keeping records of the number of parked vehicles,
  • Checking whether the parking time limits are exceeded,
  • Detection of vehicles parked in non-parking areas,
  • Detection of vehicle license numbers,
  • Collection of information as evidence of misdemeanors,
  • Control of the entry ramps with respect to the vehicle license numbers,
  • Search in older recordings with respect to vehicle license plates, etc.

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