Perimeter surveillance radar

Perimeter surveillance is effective basic protection against intruders. Its objective is to secure land plot or area against unauthorized entry.

There are several types of perimeter protection. The decision as to which method to choose depends on the type and size of the protected object or area. Besides the camera surveillance systems, as part of our portfolio, we also offer you a new perimeter protection product – perimeter radar surveillance system.

Radar can identify and monitor the movement of several intruders even outside of the barrier (e.g. fence) before they even reach the perimeter protection boundary line, and, naturally, after they cross it. Thanks to high frequency and narrow rays, no weather conditions (rain, snow, sunshine, high or low temperatures, smoke, fog or darkness) hinder the radar monitoring. Therefore, its use is advantageous especially at locations where other sensors fail in the detection under such conditions.

Main advantages

for detection in large areas

Works in any weather,
day or night

3D+ technology guarantees
a high protection level

Elimination of false

The radar ray expands in the direction from the sensor in a narrow vertical and horizontal angle, up to its contact with the ground surface. It covers the monitored area similar to a penlight ray and it is practically impossible to avoid it. The radar ray exposure constitutes no risk to human health – the ray emits radiation of 10 mW, which is a hundred times less than mobile phone radiation.

The radar system uses its own security software that can determine the incident area for the operator on a map or aerial images of the territory. It can also depict the location, speed, and direction of movement of the intruder in the image. Furthermore, the software allows to control the camera system – so that the operator can focus the relevant camera on the place with the breach and analyze the situation. The software can also determine whether the intruder is a person or a vehicle, it can discern birds and small animals and thus eliminate false alarms.

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