IT infrastructure

As part of a comprehensive IT infrastructure solution, we will help you with the design, building, and management of innovative, flexible and safe IT infrastructure.

In the solution design, we apply GREEN IT principles – we strive to minimize the costs of building and operation of IT infrastructure by eliminating unnecessary elements from the architecture and by introducing progressive innovative technologies. A centralized solution for the building of IT infrastructure consists of a design and supply of servers, including disks and tapes, network elements (SAN, LAN, WAN), central data repositories, operating system, and application, archiving and backup software.

In addition to  IT infrastructure building, we also offer you help in the process of optimization of the already existing corporate IT equipment. The optimization makes it possible to assess the current status of the infrastructure and modify it to match the actual level of needs of the company. IT infrastructure optimization will result in a significant reduction of costs for your company and an increase in the level of services provided by the IT department. It enables you to get rid of everything unnecessary, make the non-efficient aspects efficient and improve the functional aspects.

Why should you optimize the IT infrastructure?

cost saving

The optimized IT system enables the most efficient use of resources. The result is an overall consolidation of hardware, saving of space and lower energy requirements.


In case of future requirements, it enables quick and simple implementation of new applications, enhancement with new servers, data repositories and desktops.

safety and accessibility

Increased safety of the IT system, maximum accessibility of IT services, higher resistance against individual component failure and simpler IT administration will be achieved.

Basic solutions
in the field of IT infrastructure

  • supply of server system solutions,
  • installation and configuration of data-storage systems, tape libraries, disk systems,
  • solutions for back-up and recovery of data with deduplication,
  • virtualization, replication of IT infrastructure,
  • data infrastructure designs – structured cabling, optical networks,
  • installation and configuration of database systems.

Software solution for data integration

As part of optimum IT infrastructure, we offer you a software solution for data integration that will ensure that the file transmission meets the requirements regarding performance, safety, reliability, automation, adaptability, scalability, integrability and standardization. The software will make it possible to provide for a high-performance and controlled transmission of files containing any type of data whatsoever, even when working in a heterogeneous environment with varied file systems.

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