Integrated security system

For maximum security of your premises and buildings, we offer you an integrated security system (IS system) that combines several cooperating technical and information systems.

The IS system comprises a combination of a camera system, electronic fire detection system, alarm system reporting a breach of mechanical barriers, systems for management and control of entry of persons and possibly also perimeter protection with a radar surveillance system.

The IS system prevents the entry of an unauthorized person into a building or facility, provides for checking of movement of persons or vehicles through monitored points, detects and warns about an attempted perimeter breach, gives a danger signal in case of a fire, etc. All IS system parts can be designed and implemented also separately. Where needed, the solution also includes the optimization of your existing IT infrastructure.

Main advantages

Central management of all
security equipment

Analysis and assessment
of all security information

Increased security,
lower risks

Shorter event
response times

What does the IS system include?

  • Camera surveillance systems,
  • Perimeter surveillance radar system,
  • Electrical security system,
  • Entry check and management system,/li>
  • Electrical fire detection system,
  • Heat engineering measurement and regulation systems,
  • Services: IS system architecture design, implementation, servicing, consulting, security audit.

Basic IS system modules

Geographic information system module primarily provides for the localization of events and related information on a map.
Camera system control module enables connection of camera systems and recording devices from various manufacturers. In addition to standard functions (back-up of recorded videos, manipulation with cameras, tracking of moving objects), it also offers above-standard functionalities.
Location identification module in connection with wireless communication route, transmits data about the location and status of individual objects to the control center, including their well-arranged display on the control center terminal.

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